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Alien Abduction 2.0

The earth is now living under alien torment as they hover over the planet abducting humans randomly. We have tried to communicate with the aliens in many different ways without any success.

I am Dr Ray Wyatt I was the last known human to be abducted and came very close to escaping back to earth, with a way for the military to bring down the mother ship. I was recaptured before I was able to power up the teleport and bring back to earth all that I have learnt. I managed to work out the alien markings and some of their technologies.

If you are reading this then you have also be abducted and you are now the planets next hope in stopping the alien race taking over. Use the clues that I have left, and find the information I have hidden in order to help you move through the alien ship.

You have just 60 minutes to find this information and work out how to use the teleport machine and make it back to earth safely and save the planet.

Recommended for

Due to the nature of this game, we advise a minimum age of  12+

Please be aware that strobe and flashing lights are used in this room

2-6 players only

Escape Rate: 43%

Record : 37:58 

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Cabin In The Woods

You and your friends decide to go camping in the woods. It’s a cold, dark night and you are all sitting round the camp fire enjoying each other’s company until you hear a distressed woman scream. Everyone decides to track down the source of the scream and come across an old cabin in the woods.

You all head towards the cabin when you look further you discover a door which is unlocked. You decide to go investigate what’s inside when suddenly the door slams shut behind you. Once you are inside you hear banging from the outside and you are not able to leave, the door seems to be locked. You have discovered that this is no ordinary cabin in the woods but, in fact it’s the home of a serial killer.

Recommended for

Due to the nature of this game, we advise a minimum age of  15+

Please note that this room is dark and will remain dark throughout!

2-8 players only

Escape Rate: 62%

Record: 30:30

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Haunted House

Coming Soon!

Recommended for

Coming Soon!

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